Initials Round Bracelet
    Product Code: EN.BR.06.DI.SS

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    About the product

    Elegant and minimalistic, the Initials Round Disk Bracelet features space to engrave a special message atop a sparkling flush set Diamond. Why not personalise your jewellery by adding a special memory, such as a date, name, or a motif using our in-store or online engraving service. Perfect for marking notable occasions for yourself, or to make a perfect gift for a loved one. The length of the chain is adjustable, with three size options from 6.5” to 8”, allowing you to find the most comfortable fit. Crafted from high quality Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver. Create Your Own Magic with LAV’Z.


    Diamond: 0,004 ct.
    Bracelet length: 165 mm/185 mm/205 mm.
    Element dimensions: ø13 mm.
    Weight: 3.2 g.


    Completing your LAV’Z Initial pendants, bracelets and rings with our online personalised engraving service allows you to add a memory to your piece, such as a special date or a secret message. Combined with other LAV’Z collections such as Magic Gemstones or Birthstones, it is easy to create a personal amulet as unique as the woman who wears it.


    Otherwise known as “The King of Gemstones”, Diamond has fascinated and enchanted people throughout history. The hardest known substance on earth, diamonds owe this property to the perfect cubic structure they behold. Diamonds transform light into an array of brilliance and fire, holding true to it’s spiritual properties. This gemstone is known for amplifying energy by absorbing the consciousness and radiating it outwards, just like the sparkle emitted from a Diamond.