LAV'Z Earrings
Product Code: ANT.EA.11.GP

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About the product

Inspired by the distinctive crest of an Ancient Greek warrior’s helmet, the Disco-Shaped Earrings perfectly embody the spirit of this legendary historical period called the Hellenistic era. This point in history is remembered by the famous Trojan War and the Roman Conquest. Designed by LAV’Z to be a statement piece worn among other jewellery pieces in such a way that is unique to you. Crafted from high quality 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil. Create Your Own Magic with LAV’Z.


Earring dimensions: ø37 mm.
Earring thickness: 1 mm.
Weight: 11 g.


LAV’Z Antique collection celebrates antiquity in all its forms and diverse styles. With a long history and a rich past, the pieces in this collection are a treasure chest for the modern day. Inspired by creations of the past, the collection features influences from motifs found in nature, and symbols from ancient mythology.