Pearl Drop Earring
Product Code: MW.EA.05.PRL.SS

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About the product

Inspired by the forms of the Milky Way, the Pearl Drop Earring.


Pearl: ø6 mm.
Element dimension: ø12 мм.
Earring lengths: 80 mm, 52mm. Weight: 1.52 g.


Pearls are formed within the shell of mollusks that reside in both fresh and salt water. When a foreign body is inserted into the creature’s shell, the process begins as pearly secretions are deposited around the new material. As one of the organic gems, Pearl’s power lies in promoting the qualities of faith, honesty and purity. Personal integrity and inner wisdom can be enhanced by wearing Pearl, as this gem stabilises the body’s hormone levels with lunar cycles. By dissolving negative mental energy, this gem nurtures the growth of pure love.