Moonstone And Topaz Stud With Chain
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    About the product

    Inspired by the delicate hues of stardust in our Galaxy, the Stardust Studded Chain Mono-Earring features a mixture of Moonstone and Topaz gemstones atop a delicate suspended chain. Stardust Mono-Earrings can be styled with ease by wearing them in combination with other earrings and cuffs from the collection. Alternatively, buy two matching earrings to make a symmetrical pair perfect for every day outfits. Crafted from high quality 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil. Create Your Own Magic with LAV’Z.


    Moonstone: ø4 mm; White topaz: ø2 mm.
    Chain length: 30 mm.
    Weight: 0.56 g.


    Inspired by the delicate hues of stardust in our Galaxy, this collection features an enticing combination of Opal, Moonstones and White Topaz gemstones. These colours symbolise the stardust that is emitted into our universe from dying stars and from which new stars are born.


    Like the sequential rhythm of the lunar calendar, Moonstone has been thought to enable the wearer to guide themselves in the right direction. The gentle white hues and subtle blue iridescence are best worn by the creative and decisive, as this stone is associated with unveiling a person’s inner potential.MOONSTONE.jpg