Three Opals Stud
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    About the product

    Inspired by the delicate hues of stardust in our Galaxy, the Stardust Flower Mono-Earring features a triangular cluster of Opal gemstones. Stardust Mono-Earrings can be styled with ease by wearing them in combination with other earrings and cuffs from the collection. Alternatively, buy two matching earrings to make a dainty pair perfect for every day. Crafted from high quality 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil. Create Your Own Magic with LAV’Z.


    Opal: ø2 mm.
    Earring dimension: 4.3 mm.
    Weight: 0.3 g.


    Inspired by the delicate hues of stardust in our Galaxy, this collection features an enticing combination of Opal, Moonstones and White Topaz gemstones. These colours symbolise the stardust that is emitted into our universe from dying stars and from which new stars are born.


    Like light passing through rain in a rainbow, the brilliant flashes of colour displayed in Opal has the ability to charm and ignite the senses, fostering optimism and creativity. By wearing Opal, it is thought that normal inhibitions may be thwarted, facilitating new romantic endeavors and passion.
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