Baroque Stud Earring
Product Code: BRQ.EA.02.GP

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About the product

A staple piece from the collection, the irregular plain Mono-Stud can be styled with ease by wearing it alone or paired with another piece such as LAV’Z Baroque Stud or the Oval Baroque Pearl Earring. For a classic look, buy two matching to make a symetical pair perfect for every day outfits. Crafted from high quality 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil. Create Your Own Magic with LAV’Z.


Element dimensions: 9х9х3 mm.
Weight: 0,75 g.


Pearl is the only gemstone formed within a living creature, resulting in beautiful structures which are often unpredictably unique. This collection features beautifully irregular Baroque and Keshi pearls, meaning each piece in the collection will be as unique as you are. Having been formed with smooth lines, soft curves and elegant round shapes, the collection is reminiscent of jewellery from the Baroque design period, from which it also owes its name.