Green onyx hook earring
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    Green Onyx

    About the product

    Featuring an intriguing Malachite ring-shaped gemstone at it's forefront, the Malachite Hook Mono-Earring can be styled with ease by wearing it alone or mismatched with other pieces from the collection. Due to the irregular patterns dispersed throughout the stone, Malachite has been thought to mirror the irregularities of our own state of mind. As such, it has been thought to alleviate fears and shyness, aiding the wearer’s concentration, and enhancing public speaking skills. Crafted from high quality Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver. Create Your Own Magic with LAV’Z.


    Green onyx: 12 х 4 mm.
    Earring dimensions: 55 х 24 х 4 mm.
    Weight: 2.8 g.


    The physical beauty of a gem is only one quality that draws us towards it. Here at LAV’Z, we value the healing properties of gemstones, which have been recognised and used traditionally throughout history. LAV’Z makes it easy to mix and match, with pieces which can be layered and stacked with style. Curating your jewellery collection with the spiritual energy of the gemstone in mind, you can create a personalised amulet tailored to the areas you wish to enhance in your life.


    Historically, Onyx has been associated with enhancing positive moods and continued personal development, fostering a sense of stability and confidence in the wearer. The uses of onyx in the passing of time have been varied, and range from embellishing weaponry, to vessels which encase the most luxurious aromatic oils. Legend states that the onyx used instead of glass in Solomon’s temple was so permeable that it still allowed light to pass through.
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